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Ox Cheeks


Great value and rich in flavour. Ideal for casseroles and stews. Each Ox Cheek is approx 500g.


Beautiful fresh English Ox Cheeks. Ox cheeks have begun to gain popularity again in the last couple of years, becoming somewhat a trendy cut. Rich in deep beefy flavour, similar to that of oxtail meaning they are ideal for stews and casseroles – cooked low and slow.  

As the name suggests, this cut comes from part of the cheek muscle of the cow. As the area is worked a lot, as a result the meat is a flavorful and tender. A very good value cut of meat, perfect for midweek family meals. 

Your Ox Cheek will be expertly prepared fresh, by our skilled team of butchers. Therefore, it can be used within a few days or frozen to use at a later date.

Ox Cheek Cooking Tips

For best results the Ox Cheeks need to be cooked for a lengthy period of time at a low heat. As a result, the meat will full of flavour and super tender. For instance, in a cooking liquid or a stew that will breakdown the meat slowly and add extra flavour. Add vegtables to bulk out and create a luxurious gravy.

Recipe Idea

One of our favourite recipes is this rich Ox Cheek Stew, it also works great in a slow cooker.

Additional information

Weight per Item

Approx 350-450g

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