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Boston Butt

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The Boston Butt is a cut from the pork shouder, perfect for smoking or BBQ’ing low and slow!

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Loved by Smoking and BBQ’ing enthusiasts. Despite it’s name, the ‘Boston Butt’ is the American name given to the upper part of the Pork Shoulder, so nothing to do with the butt. Delicious when cooked low and slow. Our pork is free-range and comes from a farm in Yorkshire, who pride themselves on producing healthy happy pigs that as a result taste great!

A firm favourite with BBQ masters at competition level. It is widely agreed in the BBQ’ing community that the Boston Butt makes the best pulled pork! The fat layer running through the meat helps keep it moist when cooking as well as adding an extra layer of flavour.

Sometimes also reffered to as Pork Butt. It is believed that the phrase ‘Boston Butt’ originated from the way the pork used to be shipped in the late 19th century. Butchers from New England would take the prize cuts of pork for themself. The less desired cuts would be barreled up and shipped. The barrels themself were known as ‘Butts’, overtime Boston became known for this cut and the phrase was coined.

Boston Butt Cooking Tips

For best results cook low and slow in the oven or BBQ. As a result, the meat will be super tender meat that will pull apart easily with a fork. Add a marinade or BBQ cooking sauce of your choice. For instance, why not try it with our Gordon Rhodes Pulled Pork Gourmet Sauce Mix?

Recipe Idea

Our goto recipe is these barbecued pulled pork buns, a big hit with all of the family.


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